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Solar Plexus

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This describes the symbolic significance we see and experience in our everyday lives.

Our subconscious often communicates to us through symbolic messages, recognising and understanding this depends on your conscious awareness.

:: Opening Solar/Navel/Yellow Chakra
Positive - Engages in heartfelt, uplifting, expression. Communicates with joy, inspiration, sensitivity.

Negative - Feels depressed and disappointed; overly sensitive; complains and criticizes; filled with self-doubt.
:: The Use Of Colour Yellow
Colour can often have reference attributing to symbolic meanings or significance this can be to objects, events, relationships etc.

Good Yellow
* Yellow ribbon - hope, support, remembrance
* Mellow yellow - laid back, relaxation
* Yellow Pages

Bad Yellow
* Yellow or Yellow streak or Yellow-bellied - cowardice or coward
* Yellow journalism - irresponsible reporting
* Jaundice.
:: Issue
Trust, Self Esteem - Do You Like Yourself?
:: Metaphysical Law
Law of Cycles - Dancing to Natures Song
The world of nature moves in rhythms, patterns, and cycles-the passing of the seasons, the movement of the stars, the ebb and flow of the tides. The seasons do not push one another; neither do clouds race the wind across the sky. All things happen in their own good time-rising and falling and rising like ocean waves, in the circles of time. By Dan Millman
:: Symbolic Colour
Click to enlargeThe hottest, the most expansive and the most burning of all colours in its intensity, vibrant and almost strident shrillness. Broad and dazzling as a flow of molten metal. Hard to put out and always overflowing the limits within which one tries to confine it. Manifestation of power. Our skin goes yellow too at the approach of death. Yellow is strongly related to brightness. There is no such colour as dark yellow, this would become gold. It therefore may be stated that there is a very strong physical kinship between yellow on white. Colour of God's divine immortality 2 way channel of communication, an intermediary between God and Mankind.
:: Positive Aspects Of The Solar Plexus
Great mental and emotional control, good nervous and digestive systems, knowledge, intellect, happiness, study/learning, love of animals.
:: Negative Aspects Of The Solar Plexus
Dislike of change, nervous, fearful, stressful, sadness.
:: Musical Note
Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. When in balance, the chakra will resonate with the musical note D.
:: Moon Cycle and Season
Click to enlargeDeer Moon - 20th September to 17th October.
Keywords - Bond, Activate and Service.
:: Element
:: Aztec Deities/Mayan Gods
Chalciuhtlicue - Goddess of Water and Childbirth
Represents action and germination.
:: Suggested Sacred Sites/Holy Wells
Click to enlargeThe megalithic sites of Weris, Belgium.
Bimini, Bahamas.
:: Where is your Yellow
Are you wearing Yellow today?
Do you have this colour in your wardrobe?
Does this colour feature regularly in your life?
How do you feel about this colour?