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Lower Heart Chakra

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This describes the symbolic significance we see and experience in our everyday lives.

Our subconscious often communicates to us through symbolic messages, recognising and understanding this depends on your conscious awareness.

:: Opening Lower Heart/Peach Chakra
Positive - Uses multifaceted talents in a focused way; applies discipline to achieve independence.

Negative - Swings from extreme dependence to independence; scattered;tries to do too much; bluffs and pretends.
:: The Use Of The Colour Peach
Peach is colour that combines pink and orange colours. This colour is named for the pale colour of the peach fruit.

It resembles average Caucasian skin tone. Crayola created a crayon in this colour in 1949 named Flesh, subsequently renamed peach in 1962.

:: Issue
Life Purpose - Self Esteem, Forgiveness.
Adventure is not outside! It is within. By Dave Grayson
:: Metaphysical Law
The Law of Presence
The idea of time is a convention of language and thought.
:: Symbolic Colour
Click to enlargeWarm nurturing, aids digestion. Good for children to help sleep and provide comfort. Secure, glowing, creative, stimulating, fun, enlivening, uplifting, bringing laughter, joy and humour. Action oriented and impatient. Independant, an organiser and self motivated. Orange is the colour of practicality and creativity. Energy levels high, sometimes restless. Forceful will and tend to be active and competitive. Peach is much warmer and subtler than orange, less direct with energy, in a more caring way. Good to use for nervous exhaustion. Excitable and seek domination over others.
:: Positive Aspects Of The Lower Heart
Independence, attract money and financial success, balance. Grounding, Intuition, Study, Earth Elements, Animal Kingdom -Fairies, Elves, Entities.
:: Negative Aspects Of The Lower Heart
'Never have enough', aloneness, loss of passion, selfish, fear of earth changes.
:: Musical Note
Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. When in balance, the chakra will resonate with the muscial note E.
:: Moon Cycle and Season
Click to enlargePeacock Moon - 15th November to 12 December.
Keywords Command, Empower and Radiance.

:: Element
:: Aztect's Deities / Mayan God's
Click to enlargeKinich Ahau
Kinich Ahau was the Sun god. He was the patron god of the city Itzamal. Supposedly, he visited the city at noon everday. He would descend as a macaw and consume prepared offerings. Kinich Ahau is usually shown with jaguar-like features (ex. filed teeth). Kinich Ahau also wears the symbol of Kin, a Mayan day. Kinich Ahau was also know by the name Ah Xoc Kin, who was associated with poetry and music.

:: Suggested Sacred Sites/Holy Wells
Lourdes and the Vatican
:: Where is your Peach
Are you wearing Peach today?
Do you have this colour in your wardrobe?
Does this colour feature regularly in your life?
How do you feel about this colour?