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  "After reading the book " the anatomy of the soul" I searched the web for a person who could "read me", a person who could help me understand how my live is evolving and who could give me the answers to all the questions I had.
I found Sarah who gave me a beautiful reading. She was the person I had been looking for, empathic, warm, clear and so right, really amazing. I feel more confident about my future now, knowing that what I'm feeling inside is right. She taught me that letting go is something you can learn, that being in the present will help you to understand the past and that the lesson for the future is always to expect the unexpected. What more could you wish for. Many thanks to a wonderful person!

Majida EU

  "I grow used to seek for Sarah's vision every couple of year, it's an appointment with myself. Everytime, Sarah's words are unexpected and are a great help to reorient me on my path with new perspectives. Sarah has an astonishing, refreshing and intuitive way to mix astrology, archetypes and something very personal that gives to her work a unique quality. Five lines are definitly not enough space to express all the magic of her talent.
Sophie, France
Sophie, France

  "Sarah has a gift for this work. The readings she provided where amazing to listen to.

I listened and thought ‘wow’.

I would recommend Sarah to anyone. She is very knowledgeable and as I say has a gift.

The readings were very unique. Everyone unique to the person and their own situation.

Incredible when so little information is provided. Very very genuine talent.
Amanda Jan 2014 UK

  "My god, so interesting!! I'm really really blown away and amazed by how accurate it is! How exciting.
Thank you so much.

  "Sarah's thorough readings, intelligent analysis, accurate predictions, respect and warmth have proven to be useful and clarifying in decision making and understanding."
Cristina DuncanAdult Psychotherapist at Private practioner

  ""I have no reservation in recommending Sarah to anyone that wishes to understand how the mind, body and soul all combine to make possible to reach one's full potential and the fulfilment of one's dreams. She is a caring and professional individual who goes above and beyond in the delivery of her services."
Ximena Columbia

  "Thank You for the files and the reading, You made my day and year.
South America (Brazil)

  ""Sarah has deep knowledge and understanding of the human soul and the dynamic interaction of the spirit, mind, body, will and emotions. Her training and experience have equipped her with pragmatic and effective interventions that empower her clients to achieve extraordinary levels of self-knowledge and power. I have been able to apply and use this awareness to produce enriched relationships and innovation in my business and personal life."

Luke USA

  ""Sarah really helped me to obtain greater clarity around various questions and issues I was struggling with in a particularly challenging stage of my life. I'm still reaping the benefits of that. She's a caring soul and I admire her for who she is as a person as well as for her professional approach.

Alain Europe

  "Sarah has helped sooo much with my life journey for the past 5 years but where do I start an essay for I know whatever we have done together with no doubt has been 100% helpful one thing is for sure and that is that without talking and knowing you are around over all this years it would have been very difficult for me to have kept my sanity!!
Lela Tanzania

  "I have been working with Sarah on metaphysical guidance with archetype work. I found it extremely useful and accurate. Sarah has a lovely personality and it is great fun to work with her. I'd recommend her without hesitation.

Guy, London

  "I found Sarah via the Caroline Myss website. I am new to archetypes and am I
ever glad I was guided to Sarah. Her detailed explanations of how the archetypes
worked with me and within my life were so exact, it can't be coincidence House
after house, the information brought me insights that in my 48 years no one has
been able to point out before. The truth was sometimes difficult to admit, but
there it was, staring me in the face. I couldn't deny what was being

Sarah was very attentive and detailed. I will have to review this information a
few times to continue to pull the gems through. She has provided me with a map
and instructions on guiding my life choices over the near future. I can't wait
to step with confidence into my next decisions, now knowing the best choices for

Highly recommended. I'm considering doing a reading on a yearly basis to provide
stepping stones into the New Year.

  ""Sarah is a life coach par excellence. She is brilliant at her work. All her coaching has been right on and accurate. She is truthful, thorough, firm, and gentle. I am forever thankful. - Minna from Dubai, UAE""
Minna R.Talvisto

  "I found Sarah Livesey whilst on my journey to fulfil my divine potential.
Sarah spent a long time with me working on Archetypal patterns that comprise my Sacred Contract. The work was demanding and often frustrating. It took a great deal of commitment from Sarah and me, but so worth it.

Sarah was patient whilst encouraging me to understand in detail and work through the important early stages. She pushed me when I needed it and watched over me as I sometimes struggled with the comprehension.
And as the work with the Archetypes started to shed light on the little known corners of my soul she supported me and encouraged me.
A truly amazing experience with a truly amazing individual.
Many thanks, Sarah
Cathy McFadden UK
Cathy ( Business Owner )

  "Meeting Sarah back in 2005 really did change my perspective on so many aspects of my life. Her accuracy was phenomenal and her insight astounding (at times making me question if indeed she had been attached to me during most of my life and I’d missed it) . I was able to see and understand, for the first time, why events in our lives (both the ones you have loved and those you have loathed) are simply guiding us to the place we should be, which made accepting certain situations (loathed bits obviously) far easier and in doing so founded an inner strength and a formidable resolve (that I’m guessing she knew full well I possessed before I even sat before her). Whether concurring past events (nodding continually and hence admitting things you’d rather not) or considering those events ‘that will’ come and squirming uncomfortably at times (‘Oh no’ and ‘you can’t be serious?’ ... in my case ... mixed liberally with ‘bring it on’ and ‘when can I start?’) ... it really is futile to ignore the messages.
Cate Entreperner Uk
Cate ( Entreperner )

  "I am truly grateful and thrilled to have found Sarah's name on Caroline Myss' web site.
Sarah's archetypal and energy reading provided me with numerous invaluable insights,
unique perceptions and connections that I would never ever have discovered myself,
despite what feels like endless reflection and inner work.
Sarah's finely attuned senses were astoundingly accurate and coupled with her natural
warmth and gentleness, she helped me immensely during a deeply puzzling and worrying
time in my life.
If you're at all indecisive about which healer or teacher to work with, don't hesitate,
Sarah's a great choice.
Sue, Austria
Sue ( Business owner )

  "Sarah did a “progressed archetype reading chart” for me, telling me what is going on right now and all I can say is, she is just amazing!
Although it was recorded and sent to me via CD it was as if I was sitting with her in the living room having a real conversation. I enjoyed every minute! Her insights offer enormously rich information, providing lots to think about, identify and to work with. I’m really impressed by her intuitive skills – she just hit it right on! Some of the archetypes she picked were surprising to me and not at the same time. That really is the beauty having Sarah pick them, gets oneself out of the way – how super helpful is that!!!
Will definitely work with her again and can only highly recommend her!
Michelle 2009 USA
Michelle M.D

  "I found Sarah Livesey when I was looking for a recommended student of Caroline Myss - someone who could offer up the same insights and make the same connections. Sarah's energy, intuitiveness, creativity and empathy have been invaluable to me at a very challenging period of my life - she has managed to open me up to my own greater potential and shown me concrete ways forward.
Indra London
Indra (writer)

  "“I am thoroughly blessed to have met Sarah through the CMED Institute who graciously has provided me with an in-depth archetypal reading. The accuracy of her work is remarkably impressive as is the way in which she approaches using her God give spiritual-psychic gifts, talents, and abilitiess. Sarah’s inspired confidence, highly attuned skills, and delightful humor resonates through her work as she generously shares her insights with you. šShe is an incredible person who passionately cares about helping others embrace all that resides deep within and all around them selves. Without reservation, I will continue to work with Sarah for she has provided me invaluable information on my own mystical spiritual journey. “
S. St. Peter, New York City

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