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Our chakra tools

Our 7 to 13 chakra tools are designed to inspire and to empower the soul. Our vision is to bring humankind into a state of harmony and balance. We help people to understand energy and transform it into well-being. We promote self awareness and encourage individuals to play an active role in healing themselves.

The Australian Aborigines first used chakras for healing and meditation more than 40,000 years ago. The chakras start at the base of the spine and move up to the head, matching certain positions on the spinal cord. They store and supply the energy for your physical body and your spirit and form gateways to the energy that surrounds you.

We offer unique tools that stimulate our senses. This energizes the body's chakra system. In order to understand the power of chakras, imagine them as rings of energy which flow throughout the body and help with the functioning of all of our organs. If the chakras are not working correctly, we suffer emotionally or physically. This also applies in reverse. Specific emotional issues weaken certain chakras and as a result, some organs will display symptoms.

Select a chakra sphere to view details for each of the 13 chakra's and it's relevance to you.

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